About me

Torcqué was born in Rotterdam (Netherlands) on July 2, 1941.

Studied arts and graphic design in Rotterdam and illustration in the Famous Artist School in Amsterdam. During the first half of his life he as a painter travelled widely and visited many places in the European Community. Later he became interested in graphic design and illustration. He was skilled in the art of a number of different printing techniques, such as lithography and others…

Torcque work covered a variety of subjects throughout his life. The ills of life and flow of spirits inspired him to turn to painting again. Torcque developed a deep interest in painting techniques and found himself immersed in painting portraits. The painter is emotionally attached to his creations.

Fantasy and creation provoke his self-contradiction and later they develop into internal conflicts while painting.  When Torcque becomes obsessed with his idea he sometimes finds it hard to tear himself away from painting.

Most of his paintings took a long time to complete, and required numerous attempts before he was completely happy.  Aficionados of painting can observe the drama and emotions prevailing in his works. They make people to admire and contemplate. Torcque is a poet giving expression to his emotions and feeling in paintings.

Painter Torcque

Torcque says that these days anyone paint but often there is not enough creativity.

In the past artist waited for someone to notice them, today it’s rare to surprise anyone with something new. Also, creativity can’t be learned. We either have it or we don’t.

Torcque is a fighter convinced that an artist must have a cause and must fight for it risking anything to be able to exspress himself. In other words be must show who he is. A creation is the reflecion of painter world. That is the reason why almost of his paintings.

Torcque reveals his love for painting in works, he uses a whole palette of techniques, searching for new means of expression which would merge his spiritual state and idea. It is exacity at thar moment that the war between imagination, creativityand reality starts in his thoughts, because the work of painting is never finished. You always have ti be critical of yourself, analyse, improve and apply Again.

Work of painting refleckts the personality of a painter and changes based on his spiritual states.

Perfect creation

Torcque once succeded in creating a perfect work to order. A man came one day and requested simply a perfect work based on a free theme.

He said that he has a perfect creation in front him and can do it. A few days he told the client that the work is finished.

The men came excited, Torcque gentaly led him to the painting which stood on an easel, covered in fabric and waiting for it’s new owner. The client with a trembling voice and even more excited asked that he uncover it himself.

Hawing slowly and gently lifted the fabric, he saw a snow wite cloth signed by the painter as fit.

Every painter, no matter famous or not, sooner or later to create a work of white cloth but is unable to get close to it, no matter how he tries. So here is the coveted perfect creation, thought my signature is not so perfect.